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Design Projects

Are you building? Remodeling? Decorating? Work with one of Allied Lighting’s expert lighting consultants to achieve extraordinary results. Our experience and proven track record makes us the primary destination for those who want the best in lighting.

We work with you, your architect, contractor, interior designer, and electrician to insure that the lighting on your project exceeds your expectations.

We help you visualize the finished look of your project before it is completed and clearly demonstrate how the integration of your architectural details, interior design, colors, furniture layout, and lighting design will create the maximum richness for the environment you desire on your project.

Get started by visiting our Lighting Experience Center
Allied Lighting's Light Lab

A personal tour of Allied Lighting’s 1,500 square foot Lighting Experience Center will give you the opportunity to see and feel the difference great lighting makes. You can take a complete tour of our simulated home or choose the rooms that are of the most interest and importance to you.

After you’ve taken our tour, we guarantee you'll never view lighting in the same way.

By taking you to a new level of understanding and appreciation of how light affects our entire outlook, you will emerge from our Lighting Experience Center with new ideas and insights.

Orange County’s Lighting Source for 60+ Years!
Come visit Allied Lighting’s Showroom

See our 4,500 square foot Showroom, it’s one of the best on the West coast.

We’re Committed to Providing You With Exceptional results!

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