Exterior Lighting
Create Incredible Curb Appeal
with New Exterior Lighting
They are very knowledgeable at Allied Lighting, helpful, and the service is top notch. They are up to speed on the latest and greatest. They also have a light lab that helps explain all the types of lighting in all areas of the house. They are exceptional and customer service is top notch. — Doug

Let’s face it; we don’t think much about exterior lighting until we’re untangling decorative lights over the Holidays. For the rest of the year, it’s the same porch light… the same security lights… and maybe a few outdated solar lights along the driveway. Ho hum, right?

But what if you could wake up your home’s curb appeal with truly elegant and welcoming accent lighting that reflects your pride of ownership after dark? Not to mention significantly increasing resale value and time on the market! YOU CAN with Allied Lighting!

Just imagine rounding the corner and being blown away by how amazing the landscaping and exterior of your place looks at night – like a shining model home! Your friends will think you remodeled when all you did was call 949-646-3737, and let the experts at Allied Lighting create a breathtaking lighting design for you!

Take a guided tour of our unforgettable Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting in Newport Beach where the magic of beautiful interior and exterior lighting comes to LIFE before your eyes! Call 949-646-3737 today!

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