Lifestyle Lighting Makeover
Give your home a Lifestyle Lighting Makeover!
Your friends will think you remodeled!

Try visualizing your least favorite room. See it? Maybe the entryway is too dark… the ceiling seems too low… or that harsh, canned lighting makes everything look like a tanning booth! Throwing more lights at the problem won’t help. Time for a Lifestyle Lighting Makeover from Allied Lighting

Our Consulting & Design professionals – led by David and Robert Hertzberg – take the time to listen and fully understand the flow of your home… where you entertain… watch TV… have dinner… or just hang out with the family. And then create an awesome lighting design that truly fits your lifestyle. In short, we focus on how you’d really like to enjoy your home – and then save you money with creative and smart solutions!

Start with a singe room, such as the master bath with its unflattering lighting, or give your entire home a Lifestyle Lighting Makeover – it’s up to you! Either way, you’ll be thrilled by how new lighting truly transforms your home in ways you never imagined. We can even raise your ceiling height through the magic of lighting!

Whether you’re planning new construction, remodeling, or a redesign – make your home’s lighting your first priority... not an afterthought. Even if adding new lighting is all you do – you’re friends will think you remodeled. And think about all savings on demolition and repainting! Plus, our Lifestyle Lighting Design comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – the only one like it in the industry. (Details here).

Take a guided tour of our unforgettable Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting in Costa Mesa where the magic of beautiful interior and exterior lighting comes to LIFE before your eyes! Call 949-646-3737 today!

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