Lighitng Experience Center
Discover the Magic of Lighting at Our
Lighting Experience Center!

Lighting is difficult to describe. That’s we created our unique 1,500 square-foot Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting where people can FEEL and SEE how lighting (when done correctly) magically transforms any space!

Just as music evokes a wide range of emotions, so does lighting! For instance, you’ll witness how easily lighting can change the ambiance of any space with a flip of a switch. From cozy and intimate… to the perfect lighting for a lively, fun dinner party – it happens just like “that!” We can even raise your ceiling’s height, highlight striking architectural features and focal points, and create a relaxing oasis after a long day at work -- all through the magic of lighting!

Intrigued? Let your lighting adventure begin with a free-guided tour of our Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting. Call 949-646-3737 and prepare to be inspired!

Lighting Lab 01 Allied Lighting Costa Mesa
Lighting Lab 02 Allied Lighting Costa Mesa
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