Construction New
Construction New
New Construction!

Congratulations! Your dream of building a new home will soon be a reality! But even as plans are being finalized, there’s a good chance one key element is either missing or minimized – the lighting design. Sadly, contractors often wait until the last minute before installing boring, vanilla, canned lighting. You deserve better! NOW is the best time to create a breathtaking, and surprisingly cost-effective lighting design at Allied Lighting.

Nobody brings the magic of lighting to new builds like the experts at Allied Lighting. We consult with homeowners, contractors, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and electricians to integrate interior and exterior lighting that sets your home apart. In fact, our Consulting & Design Services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – the only one of its kind in the lighting industry! (Details here).

Whether you’re planning new construction, remodeling, or a redesign – make your home’s lighting your first priority... not an afterthought. Even if adding new lighting is all you do – you’re friends will think you remodeled. And think about all savings on demolition and repainting!

To SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE exactly what we mean, take guided tour of our incredible Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting in Costa Mesa. It will change the way you view lighting forever! Call 949-646-3737 to speak with one of our Lighting Ambassadors today!

Construction Remodel
Construction Remodel

Maybe you’re demoing a wall to create a beautiful open concept… or remodeling the kitchen to increase value. Or perhaps you’re simply reinvesting in the home where so many wonderful memories have been made. Regardless of the size of your project, the most affordable and efficient time to seamlessly incorporate a brilliant new Lighting Design from Allied Lighting is during the planning stages of your remodel.

You could spend thousands to remodel, but if you’re lighting is boring none of your hard work will ever by fully appreciated. The truth is that nothing brings your remodel to life like a custom lighting design from Allied Lighting, you’ll choose from a huge inventory of lighting products featuring the latest trends and technology in lighting. Our Consulting & Design Team will show you how lighting – and lighting alone – can be used to create a cozy, intimate nook… an inviting dining space… or the perfectly lit media room!

And since we’re also contractors, we work seamlessly with contractors; architects, interior designers, landscape architects and electricians to produce guaranteed lighting results that your guests will rave about. (Guarantee details here).

Intrigued? Take a guided tour our awesome Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting were you can SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE how lighting will dramatically enhance ANY remodeling project. Call 949-646-3737 to speak with a Lighting Ambassadors today!

Construction Redesign
Construction Redesign

We love it when people walk into our spacious Allied Lighting Showroom in Costa Mesa with a sketch or picture of an interior lighting “look” they love. Given our huge showroom selection of lighting products and name brands, we usually have exactly what they’re looking for! If not, we’ll find it for them! On the other hand, just as many valued clients want to update their home’s lighting, but aren’t sure where to start. In both cases, people turn to our Consulting & Design Team to make their redesigns’ shine!

If you’re hiring a designer or taking the DIY redesign plunge, don’t forget about the lighting! Have fun pulling together furniture, art pieces, maybe an area rug, and new paint to refresh your home’s look, but make sure the lighting comes first! Let the Consulting & Design experts at Allied Lighting give your project that trendy, model home LOOK and FEEL in no time… at prices that fit your budget.

Not convinced? Take a guided tour of our awesome Lighting Experience Center at Allied Lighting where you’ll experience the magic of lighting for yourself! Call 949-646-3737 today – and see how lighting can enhance your home and enrich life!

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